German Shorthaired Pointers



About Our Training Programs:

We take on a limited amount of dogs in our training program at a time.  This insures that your dog will receive our full attention everyday he/she is with us. We offer many different training programs (see below). Our goal is to make your dog the best it can be. All dogs learn at different rates so results may vary from dog to dog. We train all pointing breeds.

How Much:

The price for your dog to enter our programs is $350 a week. We do not charge you for birds unless we are shooting them.  If the training you are requesting involves shooting birds we will purchase quail, barn pigeons, chuckers or pheasants at the owners expense.  We have a flock of homing pigeons that we use for training which allows us to keep the price of training down as we can use the homers over and over.  Please call or email us with your dogs training needs and we will give you a quote. PLEASE NOTE: The only way to be placed on our training schedule is to place a deposit to reserve your spot.  

Brief outline of our Training Programs:

 As noted above, we have programs that will suit every dogs needs, whether it is puppy or adult dog.  Below is an outline of some of the programs we offer.


  Obedience Training Program 

This program is for dogs that are at least 5 months old.  It's a 4 week program.  Your pup will learn basic obedience (manners) by being introduced to the following commands:

Whoa   --  Here/Come   --   Heel   --   Sit   --   No  --  Socialization  --  Etc.

    Whoa                      Here/Come

     Heel                          Sit



                                                Started Dog Program

This program is for dogs that are 5 months old and up. This is a 5 to 6 week program, depending on the prior training.  Your dog will go through obedience training program (unless it already knows its basic commands) and will learn the following:

Introduction to birds (pointing) -- Introduction to shot --  Introduction to the field  -- Introduction to E-Collar  

First time on point!


Finished Dog Program

This is a 12 to 20+ week program, depending on the prior training. Your dog will go through obedience training program (unless it already knows its basic commands) and will learn the following:

Started dog program -- Steady through wing, shot and fall -- Honoring -- Force fetch


Steady to wing, shot and fall!


                                               Force Fetch

This program is offered to dogs that are 8 months or older. It is a several week program that is designed to make sure your dog retrieves and brings your birds back to you every time.







If you are interested in any of the programs above, email or call us and we will give you a quote.  If your training needs are not listed above, let us know and we will see what we can do.