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Hunting Dogs for North Dakota
German Short Haired Pointers

girl with one of our puppies at weeland kennels with puppies playing in background

We offer hunting dogs to North Dakota customers from our family run kennel, Weeland Kennels.  Our German Shorthair Pointers GSP have an amazing pedigree.  Our puppies for sale and dogs have a natural hunting ability and are great Iowa family pets.  Weeland Kennels also offers obedience dog training.


We take pride in our German Shorthair Pointers (GSP). We believe all of our dogs in our kennel are the total package. They all have a natural hunting ability and are great family pets. We believe our dogs are extremely trainable in and out of the field. Our dogs are close ranging dogs in the field and love to be close to you when they are not out working. Every dog in the kennel is treated the same as they all get daily one-on-one attention including exercise, bird work, socialization, etc.


During the hunting season every dog in the kennel gets an opportunity to hunt.

We have a few litters a year and often have started or finished dogs. We also will train a couple dogs at a time. Our customers are and will continue to be 100% satisfied. We sell our dogs for a fair price no matter if it is a pup, started or finished dog. Thanks for expressing interest in our dogs. Please contact us with questions or for more information. 


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