German Shorthaired Pointers



Quotes Hi Ben, We just wanted to give you an update on how well Zieger is doing (Male #2 from Fritzie & Cooter Sep 2013 litter). We have only had him for a little over one month now and he is already potty trained, knows 'sit,' 'down,' and has already been pointing! He's great with other dogs and very gentle with our 3 year old nice and 1 1/2 year old nephew. We get compliments on his demeanor and looks wherever we go and we've actually given out your name and website a few times now. We also wanted to thank you for being so easy to work with and breeding such an amazing pup! We will be sending pictures as you need to see what a handsome dog Zieger is becoming! Thank you again. Ross & Andrea Quotes
Ross & Andrea

Quotes Hi Ben! A quick update on Willie Nelson (male #4 from Harley and Cooter).  He is doing so well and growing quickly!  We love having him around.  He has brought so much energy and fun into our house and we just can't get enough of him.  He has learned very fast.  Already potty trained, pointing at balls, bumpers, and other toys, and we have had him on a trip to the game farm as well!  Our hunting guide let him make a trip around the pheasant pen to sniff the birds.  Willie pointed a hen that had gotten loose outside the pen then tried to chase her down.  So funny.  Thank you so much for the great pup and easy process of getting him!    --Scott and Jackie Quotes
Scott and Jackie

Quotes Hi, Ben. I hope all is well. I just wanted to say that Chubs is doing very well and we could not wish for a better dog. His temperament is absolutely amazing, impressive actually. I?ve only heard him bark once, which is kind of shocking to me. He is learning quickly, having fun, and making himself right at home. We take him everywhere us and spend a lot of time with the little guy. Here are some photos we have taken over the past couple of weeks. I hope you enjoy them and we will definitely send more as he ages. Again, Thank you for the great pup. -Matt Quotes
Matt G

Quotes Hi Ben: Just thought we'd send you some new pictures of Butcher. He is about 60 lbs now, still filling out a bit. Just an awesome dog! We get so many compliments on him and have refereed a bunch of folks your way! Quotes
Sue S,

Quotes Hunter is doing great, a natural born pointer! Just thought I would share a picture of him and some of his success. I have been able to get him out a few times this fall and will get him out a few more times this winter (Game Farms). Nothing better than watching him work, walking up to him on a point and getting a rooster! Oh and he is a handsome dog! Take care, Randy P. (Purchased Hunter in August of 2011, born in June of 2011) Quotes
Randy P

Quotes Ben, Max is doing great. He is a very smart puppy. He catches on to everything fast. I cant wait until hunting season next year. He is already pointing everything. He is also great in the house! Thanks again!!! Quotes

Quotes Hi Ben, Hope you had a great Christmas and hope the new year is good to you as well. wanted to get you a few pics of "Gunner" (finially got him a name). figured it fit with all the miles he already has one him!. he has been a really good puppy!! pretty good at sit, lay down, come and of course NO. also has the house breaking part really good!. Took him out yesterday and did a little shoting and he didn't seem to mind. got a few birds in his mouth and he was good with that too. Thank you for bringing him to SD on your way out hunting! he has really helped with filling the gap of not having Kipper. got a long was to go, but we got a good thing started!! Quotes

Quotes Ben, My husband took Ella out on her first pheasant hunt in SD this weekend. On day 2 & 3 she figured it out & was pointing & retreiving to hand. Real good at finding downed birds in the cattails & thick cover. She could hunt all day & still have energy to spare! She has the bird game figured out now & loves it. Simply put, she kicked butt! Everyone was very impressed & we are happy. She even earned her first stitched from a barbed wire fence. Quotes

Quotes Ben - I took Miley to SD this past weekend. At 6 months of age she did really well. The first day after the long car ride she tired pretty quickly and got used to the situation. Day 2 she really started to hunt well and was following scent through the crp we were hunting. She pointed 3 birds that day, 2 hens and 1 rooster which we downed. From that point on she kept hunting hard and seemed like a natural. I'm looking forward to many years of hunting with her and watching her get better each time out. Thanks for the great dog! Both hunter and family pet! Steve Quotes

Quotes Hey Ben, Marc and I are really enjoying our new pup. He has become a great addition to our little family and we both don't understand what we did before him. Last week he completed his puppy classes at Total Recall and will get into puppy agility classes soon. He has been to quick to learn since we brought him home. He can now, sit, stay, lie down, roll over, and heal on a leash. We've taken him to our local dog park and he loves it! His nose is always to the ground and checking out all the new scents. Everyone always comments on what a cute and good looking pup he is and we would have to agree!Last weekend we took him up to the farm in Wisconsin and he had fun running through the fields, streams, and even began pointing at little butterflies. It sure made Marc excited to take him out hunting this fall. Thank you for such a wonderful dog. Best wishes to you and your family! Marc and Melissa Quotes
Marc and Melissa
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