German Shorthaired Pointers



Quotes Hi Ben. I thought I would give you another update. Piper is doing great. She's house trained and crate trained. She also knows quite a few commands...sit, shake, come, and lay down. And she gets along well with other dogs and loves to play with them. She was just at the vet yesterday and said she's a healthy puppy. Also, everyone comments on how good looking of a pup she is. We haven't started to do any training for hunting yet, but Lucas hopes to start that soon. She has also started jumping off of the couch and bed. We just love having her. Thanks again for such a great puppy. Steph Quotes

Quotes Ben, Reina is doing great. She points has a great nose and has actually brought me a woodpecker the other day alive. Not quite sure how she pulled that one off but it was funny. She also knows sit, kennel, bed, lay down, stay, and come. Health wise she is beautiful. She currently weighs 20 lbs and loves to run and play. She does very well with other dogs and all people. She has quite the personality as well and is very bright but sometimes gets an itch to only do what she wants. Puppies! Thanks for the awesome pup!. Quotes

Quotes Hey Ben! Are pup is doing great so far. Kinda learning her boundaries and our rat terrier is teaching her everything he knows. It took a couple weeks but the other dog finally got used to her. We named her Keta and she lives at my parents place. I go over there and play with her whenever I get the chance. She's just gorgeous and a fun dog! She had one close encounter with our elk but she came out just fine. We couldn't be happier with her! Thank you again for the great pup! Tom Quotes

Quotes Hi, I thought I would give you a quick note on how Barrett is doing. We absolutely love having him. We are continuing to work on puppy behavior and potty training. Thanks again for giving us a great addition to our family! Quotes
Melissa U.

Quotes Piper is doing great! She know how to sit and shake, and is doing really well with lay down. Potty training is also going really well. She met my parents dogs the other day and loves to play with them, and enjoys being out at their lake property. She's a little unsure about going into the water, but I'm sure once she's a little older, she will love it. Thanks for a great puppy! Quotes
Stephanie and Lucas H.

Quotes Hey, Zoe's doing great. She's an amazing pup! She's doing really well with the potty training and just catching on with fetching, still working on no jumping when she's excited but we're getting there. Her and my two year old daughter are best of friends. At times they play fetch, just the two of them, and that's pretty amazing to see. Zoe also plays with my brother's 6 year old gsp a few days a week, which they both love. She's a perfect fit! We adore her. Thanks for the amazing pup!! Quotes

Quotes Ella is doing well. My husband taken her out walking through the tall grass. She's starting to put her nose to the ground, doesn't stray too far ahead. She's been doing pretty well with house training and learned very quickly what was appropriate chewing material. She has a great tempermant; does well with our other dog. Quotes

Quotes Our puppy is doing well. We named him Monty. I feel like we picked a great dog. His first night home he had a couple small bouts of homesick howling, but that was it! He acclimated to our home nicely. We are doing great with house training and accidents are very infrequent. We have him doing SIT, STAY, SHAKE and COME almost 100% and he picked it up very fast! We are going to start official obedience training this weekend with a trainer at the house. We've also had him to a few puppy socialization classes and it's great. He's such a nice dog and I can see he will be a great companion in our house and in the field. You provided us with a good dog Ben. Thanks! Quotes

Quotes Pocket is GREAT. Starting to explore a lot more outside. She's doing pretty well well with her commands. Sits and lays down very well. Also does well with "off." She does really well with her release word, ok. She doesn't touch her food before we say ok and we can tell her to stay, throw a treat, and she won't go get it until we say ok! The one we are really working on is come. It's about 50 / 50. If she's not doing anything, she'll come right away. But if she has something in her mouth that we want or we REALLY want her to come...she seems to think it's a game. We are working really hard on positive reinforcement. She's also starting to catch on to heel on walks. She really likes her kennel. LOVES to kennel up - no hesitation there. She's a great fit for us and we love her! She's playful, exploratory and curious, and a HUGE snuggler! Thanks for a great dog! Quotes

Quotes Thanks for the great puppy! She's picking up on potty training really quick and now learning to "sit". Her and my 2 year old adore each other. Thanks! Quotes
Joanna S.