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Quotes We've only had Jitka (Yit-Kah)-for 5 days and she's learned her name as well as some target training. She's smart and very eager to please! She loves retrieving her ball and other toys and is happy to just pass out in my lap too. Looking forward to many great years in the field with her! As for her breeder, Ben, we couldn't be happier with the professionalism he showed, and more importantly, he really cares about his dogs and it's obvious in how well he treats his animals. Very clean facility and the pups were well adapted to the outside, extremely alert and active! Hope he's still around when we are looking for another pup! - Brandon and Laura Lindsey Quotes
Brandon and Laura Lindsey

Quotes Hi! I just wanted to let you know that the 5 weeks of training my pup went through with you has paid off. We took our pup out the other day for his first hunt and he was awesome at 11 months old. The best part is he knows how to turn it on and off when he is in and out the field, He is a great house dog and is all business in the field. Just thought I would check in and give you a quick update. Thanksl -Sammy Quotes

Quotes Happy first birthday to Weeland's Charles of Bald Lake (Charlie) and all of his siblings! We are so thankful to have such a great dog. We are trying our best not to get another but it's hard to resist! He has the best temperament ever and is such a beauty. Thanks Ben! Quotes

Quotes Hi Ben- Mollie is doing great. She's about 42 pounds at 8 months and is just a hair taller than our 7 year old GSP. She loves chasing the birds in the backyard and now likes the white moths that hang around the plants! When inside, she loves laying in the sun, chewing on her toys and at night loves laying between my legs under the blanket while sitting on the couch. My 40+ pound lap dog!! We cant wait to get her out hunting! She is fitting in well with the family. Jodi Quotes

Quotes Ben, just thought we would update you on our pup. We had male #2 from Zeus and Jewels from May of 14'. Shep is doing great! Sorry it has taken us a year to update you! We are so happy with him and couldn't be more excited for him to hunt this fall! Here are some recent pictures! He's been a quick learner, great in the house, and has a fantastic nose! We will be looking for another pup next year, we will definitely keep you guys at the top of our list. Hope all is well! Kyle Quotes

Quotes Just wanted to let you know things are going great with "Charlie," son of Zeus! Within the first week he was 95% potty trained (accidents were my own fault!), knows his name, "come" and "Sit". We are working on shake, stay etc. As soon as I clipped a leash on him, he trotted like he was going for "Best in Show". :) You probably should just send me a bunch of business cards, he is a beaut, brains and looks in one package. He is already breaking hearts all over the place. Thanks for everything! Quotes

Quotes Ben, I got a pup from you from your Cooter and Harley litter from September of 2013. I want to let you know that he is doing great and we are preparing and looking forward to our second season together. We did great on pheasants and waterfowl this past season and we are planning on hitting the grouse woods hard this coming season as well. I am thinking about adding another GSP and was wondering if you ever plan on doing another breeding between Cooter and Harley? If so I would be interested in a pup. Hope all is well! Quotes

Quotes Ben - I thought I would give you an update on the pup you trained for me. When I brought her to you she didn't know a thing (which was my fault), but after the 6 weeks she spent with you she was a different dog. She much more enjoyable to be around and everyone comments on how well behaved she is. I can't wait to get her in the field this fall. Take care Quotes

Quotes Ben , Finn's doing great ! He is fully potty trained and was introduced to his first dead ruffed grouse ! I let him play with it a little and then did a dead drag which he scented and locked tight at 9 weeks !!! Amazing quick learner and a pistol! I keep forgetting to snap photos outside working him. Ben thanks again for everything! Quotes

Quotes Hello, I am just writing to update you on Odin the pup that I got from you in October of 2013. He is doing great! I never had a dog that was so easily trained. He is doing very well in his first season of hunting, already having a couple dozen roosters shot over him. He is also a more that capable waterfowl dog often out retrieving my neighbors field bred golden retriever. Not only is a good hunter but he is also a great family pet for my wife and two young sons. He is full throttle in the field but more than content taking a nap in my recliner while I watch tv. Thank you for a wonderful dog if the time comes that I decide to get another there is no doubt who I will get it from. Thank you, Matthew Quotes
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